Company Name:
Lefthands Incorporated
7F, Tsukiji A・I・U Bldg.2-3-7 Irifune Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0042
tel. +81-(0)3-6262-8245 fax. +81-(0)3-6262-8246 mail.
Director, Chief Executive Officer:
Shigekazu Ohno
October 2007
Who we are:

After years of helming such enormously popular publications as Esquire Japan, Shigekazu Ohno set aside his career as editor to form Lefthands Inc., a creative agency dedicated to the concept of applying the techniques he’d successfully employed in high-profile print and online magazine publishing to the wider field of creative development.

With Lefthands he brought to bear his well-honed editorial perspective and his affiliation with a global network of professionals in diverse fields, in order to forge new paths in branding, event planning, public relations, media strategy, and overall imagemaking.

Lefthands begins with simple, effective ideas – seedlings, in effect, which, through our cultivation and nurturing in media, grow into comprehensive, multilevel entities that provide an ongoing harvest in the form of sales promotions. This process includes:

  1. Establishing a thorough and long-range form that advertising and promotion will take.
  2. Creating discrete content for newspapers, magazines, posters and POS, catalogues, public relations vehicles, web presence, sales promotions, and elsewhere.
  3. Design, production, and promotion of showrooms and event spaces.
  4. Consultation and overall project management, focusing on brand development.
  5. Conception and production of magazines, newspapers, websites, press packages, and ancillary materials, as well as cross-media development planning.

Shigekazu Ohno

Creative Director / Copywriter


  • Interests: Motorcycling, fishing, music, wine, footwear.
  • Licensed: EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency (partial Second Level); Third level in Practical French Proficiency; Teaching license (Type One) for high school, with English specialization; Black belt in Karate(second dan / Japan Karatedo Federation).
  • Miscellaneous: Twin brother, born in Gemini; Left-handedness.

Shigekazu Ohno was born 1972 in Sapporo, Japan. After working in fashion show production, and serving as staff editor for a number of publishers, he took his editing agency freelance in 2001, aligning himself with a number of major periodicals. His expertise in several popular areas – couture, eyewear, timepieces, automotive (with a strong interest in motorcycles), architecture and design, food and travel – brought him under the auspices of a number of top titles, including BRUTUS, Casa BRUTUS, DEPARTURES Japan, Esquire Japan, FRAME (Netherlands), GQ Japan, Invitation, and VOGUE Japan. He is the author of Wonderwall - Masamichi Katayama Projects, published in the Netherlands by FRAME and in Switzerland by Birkhauser, and he has translated numerous long works.

He served as editor at Esquire Japan from January 2005 to September 2007, as well as for its fashion spinoff magazine, “LAST”.

In October 2007 he established Lefthands as an incorporated entity in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, and in 2010 he moved the company to the city’s Ginza district. His ability to foster a professional creative network that crosses worldwide geographic borders has helped him cross genre and media borders in his work as a director and copywriter.

Other positions he currently holds include Director of Advertising for SHOT Magazine, a publication from Ashley Associates; external advisor for the REAL JAPAN PROJECT, part of Japan's Design Works Project; Creative Director/Planner for Bull’s Eye Communications; Editor In Chief for the such magazines as CAR & More Magazine published by DAIHATSU Motor Company, and CREVIA TIMES by Itochu Property Development, Ltd. and advertorial director and editor at Yahoo! X BRAND Magazine. He is a regular contributor to Casa BRUTUS, Departures, and Motonavi Magazines.

Kiyoshi Shimizu

Executive Editor

Mari Maeda

Editor / Writer

Isam Ito

Designer / Photographer

Yasuharu Okazeri

Art Director

Tamako Naoe

Producer / Editor

Kaori Kawake

Editor / Writer

Naoko Sugimoto